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Traveling these days is a great way to learn about the rest of the world, and introduces you to much that you will find interesting and enjoyable.

Sometimes, however, it is important to check on conditions in areas you hope to visit. Currently there is much publicity about the Zika virus, especially in the southern areas of the Americas.

We strongly suggest that you check out the CDC website, which you can reach by clicking HERE for the latest information.

Some  thoughts and items of interest



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The following ideas are not original, but I thought they were worthwhile remembering and passing along:

A couple of interesting suggestions for use of a digital camera:

  • If the first picture on your memory card is of a piece of paper with your name, address and phone number on it, you have increased your chances of your camera finding its way back to you if you should mislay it.
  • When traveling with children, take their picture every day before heading out. You will then have a recent photo, with the clothes they were wearing, should you get separated.

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For information about the Zika virus, please click HERE to go to the CDC website.