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About Sail and Tour


You came to this page to learn more about Sail and Tour, and who you will be dealing with when you call.

Sail and Tour is an independently owned leisure travel agency located in Lake George, New York. we offer cruises, tours and resort vacations around the world, in cooperation with some of the best providers in the industry.

My name is Len Bunalski, and I decided to enter the travel business after leaving my first career in telecommunications.

I’ve enjoyed traveling for a long time, touring Europe and cruising the Caribbean, Pacific and Norwegian coast.

I enjoy the idea of waking up somewhere different every day while on a cruise, without having to pack/unpack daily. I also enjoy touring new places that cruise ships cannot get to.

One type of travel that I have not tried yet, but hope to try soon, is a river cruise, smaller ships that travel where the big cruise ships cannot go. This looks like an ideal way to see towns that have grown along the primary travel route centuries ago.

I’ll be looking forward to working with you when you call. We are constantly receiving new offers from suppliers, and will be happy to connect you with the vacation you want.